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I’m Natalie and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my tropical paradise. I am a Life Coach and a Health Coach, supporting women who want to increase their self-care, self confidence and exude self worth! I work with busy, professional women who want to create balance in their life so they have time for self-care.  I empower you to take action to achieve your goals.

I believe that we all need self-care, whether it’s a monthly massage, exercise, meditation or a bubble bath. Self-care is #1 in my life, I live it every day.

I’m certified in Life Coaching from the Life Purpose Institute, hold a nutrition certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City, an MBA in finance from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from The American University.  

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Remember, you deserve to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and with the right help, you can make it happen.

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