Are Your Employees Struggling with
Work/Life Balance, Stress and Burnout?

Invest in Them

One-Hour, Two-Hour & Three-Hour Workshops
In-Person or Via Video Conference

Here’s what they will gain:

Practical stress reduction tools
Work/Life Balance practices they can take action on now
Life purpose clarity that will reduce burnout
Their unique Motivation List that will allow them to succeed

Peaceful Practices:
Stress Reduction Essentials


What is stress?
How does stress impact the body?
How does stress impact you?



What should I write about?
Gratitude practice
Journaling as a morning practice

* Each attendee will receive a journal



What is it, benefits, how does it help?


Different types of meditation
(guided, mantras, chanting, quiet)

How to begin meditating
Guided 5-10 minute meditation experience



Visualization & Deep breathing exercises

Guided visualization, Individual visualization
Practicing deep breathing exercises




How exercise reduces stress
What do you enjoy doing?

Yoga & walking do work to reduce stress

7 Tips for Work/Life Balance

Define YOUR Work/Life Balance
Setting healthy boundaries
Manage your time effectively
Reduce stress daily
Get up & move
Adding fun to your day

Mission Possible:
Unraveling Your Life’s Purpose

Clarify your Life Mission and Create a
SMART Goal that supports your mission …

This session will help you get clear on your life MISSION.
Together we will explore your VALUES and what makes you happy …

Many people find it useful to formulate their life mission into a succinct
statement that encapsulates a sense of purpose for their life or work.
A Mission Statement can be written in whatever format works for you.
It may include your values, focuses, goals, activities, and directions …

Achieve The Life You Desire
Finding Your Motivation to
Create Positive & Effective Habits

Are your habits & patterns keeping you from creating
what you want in your life?

What is something you have a hard time getting motivated to do?

Together we will look at your positive and negative motivators and
formulate your unique motivational list. Armed with that list you
will create a SMART goal to achieve something that you have been
wanting in your life …

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