Group Coaching

The Challenge

Are you a smart, busy woman struggling with stress, exhaustion,
and difficulty setting boundaries and managing your time? Do you
feel like Self-Care is a luxury you can’t afford in your hectic life?

My Commitment

Join our 6-month GROUP COACHING program, “6-months to
Self-Care Success”, and make an irreversible shift in your
relationship with self-care. You’ll discover how to overcome
barriers, create a personalized Self-Care plan, and achieve
balance and radiant health, even if you think you don’t have
time for Self-Care.

Take The Leap

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and
prioritize self-care. Join a group of highly committed women
and gain the support and accountability you need to succeed.
We’ll typically meet twice a month on Tuesday evenings via
video-conference, reach out to me for the next start date …

Here’s What You’ll Gain

Learn about various wellness topics

Discuss self-care modalities

Receive personal coaching sessions

Be part of a supportive WhatsApp chat group

Our BIG Bonus

Enroll with a friend, and your first month is free!
The investment for this program is just $97 per month, billed

monthly for your convenience. If you have any questions,
feel free to reach out.

Ready To Prioritize YOU?


Each session (75 minutes) will follow this format:

2-minute centering exercise
The topic for today’s group coaching is ______
Participants report on action steps they’ve taken since the last group coaching
Coaching: 2-3 people in the power seat
Education: 5-10 minutes max

Session 1: Introduction,
setting intentions for the group, commitments,
What is Self-care (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial)

                    Physical Self-Care

Session 2:  Food & diet
Session 3:  Sleep hygiene
Session 4:  Exercise

                    Mental Self-Care

Session 5:  Stress Reduction
Session 6:  Time Management

                    Emotional Self-Care

Session7:  Setting Healthy Boundaries
Session 8:  Connecting With Others
                   (family, friends, co-workers)

Session 9:  Limiting Beliefs, Fears
Session 10:  Habits & Patterns & Motivation

                    Financial Self-Care

Session 11:  Budgeting, Buying a House, Retirement
Session 12:  Wrap Up  

To Your Journey of Balance and Well-Being

Natalie Schneider
Amazing Life Coaching

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33308


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