Are The Struggles of Work/Life Balance
Negatively Affecting Your Self-Care?

Invest In Yourself:

Private One to One Coaching that will absolutely
get you 100% in balance and living your ideal life.

Work/Life Balance & Making Self-Care
a Permanent Part of Your Life

4-month coaching program:

I will teach you time management skills
I will help you say NO when you need to
You will create healthy boundaries

You will put yourself first
You will learn Stress reduction techniques tailored to you

Learn tested and proven methods that focuses on the
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Financial Aspects of Self-Care

*No other coaches are focused on all 4 aspects

Here’s what one of my many happy clients
had to say about finding balance in her life:

Karen Lane

“I started with Natalie a year ago and so far, it’s been a win-win. Her guidance has
assisted me in reaching my goals and exploring new possibilities, along with delving
into interpersonal challenges. She has taught me how to bring structure and balance
into my life, which was lacking in the past. Thank you.”

Book Your Coaching Program

Pay monthly,
beginning of the month

(2 60-minute sessions a month, email contact in-between sessions),

$300/month, 4- month program, $1,200 Total 

Pay upfront,
you get a 10% discount, $1,080

To Your Journey of Balance and Well-Being

Natalie Schneider
Amazing Life Coaching

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33308


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