6-Month Self-Care Group Coaching Program

Make an irreversible shift in your relationship with Self-Care to achieve balance and radiant health
 Join us for a 6-month group coaching program to identify and release your barriers to self-care and create your own self-care plan.  This program has been proven to work, even if you think you don’t have time for self-care.

6-months toSelf-Care Success is for smart, busy, women who want to take better care of themselves.  They’re stressed out, exhausted, challenged with setting boundaries and time management.  They want to create balance and live their best life.  Join me and a group of highly committed women and have the support and accountability to achieve self-care. When you commit fully to the experience and set aside the time, you will transform your life.  The benefits are many; you will create healthy boundaries, manage your time, have the support of a group and take care of you! 

We will meet 2x/month, Tuesday evenings (7-8:15 pm EST) via videoconference, from September 2023-February 2024.  The program will include education on different wellness topics, discussion of self-care modalities and personal coaching (1-2 people each session will be coached). We will also have a WhatsApp chat group.

Bonus: Private, 30-minute coaching session with me, for those who enroll by August 28, 2023, 9 pm est

The investment for this program is just $79/month.  You will be billed monthly so you do not have to pay for the 6 months upfront.  

Any questions, reach out and let me know.

Click here to sign up for the Group Program (bottom of the page):
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