And were off to the races… 5-Day Make Time for Self-Care Challenge

I’m really enjoying running this challenge with all the great participants. Love seeing the posts in our Facebook Group (The Self-Care Club | Facebook) daily. Sharing & supporting each other, posting pictures, etc.

Day 1 was all about choosing Your Self-Care Goal. Goals were focused on physical, mental, emotional or financial Self-Care. We also talked about what gets in the way of your self-care.

Day 2 was about Time Management. Where do you waste time in your day?

Day 3 is about Motivation, the key to why we do things in our lives.

Day 4 is about Gratitude. Bringing gratitude into your life.

Day 5 we will wrap things up. Wow, 5 days goes by quickly. Now the challenge is to continue working towards achieving your goal.

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